They Painted the Gilded Anglel Green

Last September I noticed sample colors on the Gilded Angel.

Candler Park has two little "embedded" business centers, Clifton at McLendon is downtown. Oakdale at MeLendon is uptown and home to the Gilded Angel, now dressed in green.

It's a fine little gas station. Property records say it was built in 1925. Note the single column holding up the roof. Reminds me of the single porch column at Robert A.M. Stern Architects' House at Seaside.

This ain't Seaside but Candler Park is just a picturesque: How about that porch next door?

Here is the before and the sample colors.

 P1110671-2012-09-07-McLendon-at-Oakdale-former-gas-stations-color-testing paint samples Gilded Angel

P1140489-2012-12-10--McLendon-at-Oakdale- former-gas-stations-color-testing-paint-samples-complete-Gilded-Angel
I'm OK with it.

P1140490-2012-12-10--McLendon-at-Oakdale- former-gas-stations-color-testing-paint-samples-complete
I love these neighborhood centers.

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