4 Paintings by Karen Cleveland

It's a week later now and I'm still thinking about them.

When I walked in, 5 works immediately caught my eye. Four were by Karen Cleveland. She was showing with many others in "Nick O' Time" at Kibbee Gallery for the December Ponce Crush.

The colors and "cave art" motif first caught my eye.

But it's the vitality that I enjoyed most. Karen's animals seemed alive, ready to frolic, ready to bolt. They seemed to know I was there.

P1020863-2011-12-03-Ponce-Crush-Nick-O-Time-at-Kibbee-Gallery-by-Karen-Cleveland Horses on Red

P1020861-2011-12-03-Ponce-Crush-Nick-O-Time-at-Kibbee-Gallery-by-Karen-Cleveland deer

P1020862-2011-12-03-Ponce-Crush-Nick-O-Time-at-Kibbee-Gallery-by-Karen-Cleveland fox on blue

P1020870-2011-12-03-Ponce-Crush-Nick-O-Time-at-Kibbee-Gallery-by-Karen-Cleveland horse on white

We are happy to know Karen a little. Animals are just one part of her work. You can see these at Kibbee Gallery until December 30, 2011.

Say hello to Karen shown here at Young Blood Gallery last January.

Kibbee Gallery that night. Karen's deer is to the left of the left window.