It preserved more of its original "1914" appearance

1148 North Highland is for sale. Even with 11 foot ceilings, it's probably a goner. I'm feeling a bit sad and sentimental about it.

This house has probably been deteriorating for most of the time I've lived here.

And that has left it in a certain condition, don't you think?

I've driven past 100's, maybe a thousand times. I never notice it yet always notice it.


The neglect preserved more of its original "1914" appearance than others in the neighborhood, no add-ons, no preservation, no landscaping, no TLC.

The Bradford Pear smothers it the summer. Even if you are looking, you can't really see it.

Very handsome I think.

You can see the two front doors. It was split in half to make duplex. Who knows when.

It's impressive but the tarp isn't a good sign.

My kind of trucks.

I didn't notice the chimney until I processed the pictures on my computer.

In Virginia Highlands and most of Morningside "extra large lot" means .26 acres.

Indeed a quarter acre gives you some breathing room.


So I'm feeling a bit sad and sentimental about this one.

It's iconic. You can find these - even in this condition - almost anywhere. It's so familiar.

If they tear it down, I guess there are plenty more bungalows.

If they fix it up all authentic and everything, will it really be as authentic as it is today?

If you are in the neighborhood, have a look. And make sure to drive up Highland Terrace.

Treat yourself one of the neighborhoods great views, almost a zen view. It works for me every time.

Thanks to Patti Hinkle at Pretty Old Houses for encouraging me to have a look.