Morningside Apartment Hunt 600 by 14 by $860

The first born has a notion to move. The queen and princesses of Architecture Tourdom sprung into action. Your sentimental host is - you know - a bit sentimental about it all. A young adult starting out in a charming broken-in apartment. It takes you back.

You'll have to decorate it in your mind, maybe plan for your firstborn's flight. Moms love that sort of thing. Dad's hope the move doesn't require too many stairs.

Here you go. 1940, said to have been a school. 19 1-bedroom units, about 600 square feet, 14 foot ceilings, $860/month plus gas and electricity.

For you Morningside / Virginia Highlands insiders it's the apartment next to the synagogue, the little building with the gray house in the front yard, 3 short blocks to Alons. You know the one. You've seen the little table in the yard. It's very nice up there.

Floor plan. These we updated and condo'ed in 2000. Overall about 26x22 with step-saver bathroom, includes dishwasher and stacked washer-dryer.

These windows look normal against a 14 foot ceiling. In fact you could drive a mini-van though them. It's a nicely proportioned space. You feel lot's of air, if you know what I mean.

Our agent, Vennie Owen in pink, said it wouldn't last. It dropped off Craig's List 2 days later.

Here is a peek at the washer/dryer niche.

Looking into the bedroom.

Back from the bedroom.

10 x 15 is a fair bedroom. These are huge windows and make the space seem small in the picture.

Dust-bunnies have no place to hide in the bathroom.

We didn't take it but we did get a few dreams.