Best window-boxes in Morningside

(Please see the update at the bottom)

I want a window-box planter for our triple window. So I've been scouting around the neighborhood, checking out the Internet. Now I "see" them when I'm out. Here is the best in Morningside; it's not even close.


It's a teardown that didn't try too hard to blend. I think it turned out great. The window-boxes are a big part of it.


Those things are way up there. How do they water them?


Aha! A drip system:


I think these are metal lattice with matching planting pans. I guess you could use individual pots instead of the pans.

Here are a few more from the Duck Pond Tour. This one contains more plants that my whole yard. It's wood in a very straightforward rustic style, probably my style.


This one too. It also has a drip hose.


Here it is in context with your umbrella toting host. This is like our house (stone, white brick, sage trim) but kicked up by orders of magnitude:


So where do you get them? Smith and Hawkin is gone but there are plenty of ready-mades. They have several standard sizes but our triple window isn't a standard size.


Ideally we'd get a custom design and thus custom built boxes. They'd cost more than furniture. Well as Tara says, they need to look great when empty and they have to survive in the rain and sun.

The Atlanta architecture firm, Spitzmiller & Norris, offer professional plans on their website, a very good thing from a very good outfit.

Here is an actual Spitzmiller & Norris window box in one my favorite homes/yards in Atlanta. This house has been on "Homes Across America."


This house:

Windowbox, gravel, dovecote, and everything else by Spitzmiller & Norris.


Seen any good window-boxes? Tell where I can fix some pictures and plans.


Update: Thanks much for Pam Kersting at the GardenDesigns & More for the comments, please read them. She's a pro and raises the questions that magazines can't answer:
  • Is there a higher priority than a window box?
  • A style and size of box that compliments the house?
  • Boxes for one window our how many windows?
  • The right plants in context with the house and landscaping?
  • The right plants by seasons?
Here is the triple window from the street:


Here it is at Thanksgiving


Not long after the famous front yard drainage and sewer massacre.