gloATL performs "Livers" at Flux 2011

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Flux 2011: night of art + experimentation September 30, 2011 8 pm to midnight castleberry hill arts district (pictured below D'AIR Aerial Dance Theatre at Flux)


gloATL: a collaborative platform of exceptional contemporary physical performance. gloATL’s mission is to create exceptional contemporary dance through live performance, public works, and a choreographic LAB


"Livers": A contemporary physical performance...Sonic Gestural Kinesthetic Being Together “We are all Livers.” Guy Debord...


"Livers" was one of 34+ happenings on Friday night. Livers alone was too much to take in. Flux was overwhelming.

I'm afraid my little camera could only manage a blur, a poor substitute for being there.

A dancer waited alone in the fog between two buildings, a stage of wood chips.


Meanwhile, the company gathered on the Peter's Street railroad bridge.

P1000682-2011-09-30-Flux-Projects-gloATL-Troop-on Peters-Street

They bolted and stopped unpredictably in their lumpy leotards. Did they notify the Ministry of Silly Walks?

P1000682-2011-09-30-Flux-Projects-gloATL-Troop-on Peters-Street-detail

They knew where they were going but we didn't.

P1000684-2011-09-30-Flux-Projects-gloATL-Troop-on Peters-Street

They stopped to twist and shimmy to shake and wave. The man pushed the music in a grocery cart.

P1000685-2011-09-30-Flux-Projects-gloATL-Troop-on Peters-Street-Twisting

Look at the faces in the crowd. Most were seeing the dancers for the first time. "What is going on?" They moved fast. They turned right on Fair Street. I had to run to keep up.

P1000691-2011-09-30-Flux-Projects-gloATL-Troop-on Peters-Street-Turning-to-Fair-Street-faces

When we'd stop to grok, shapes would slink by.


The crowd was thick as the company raced north on Walker. I could barely keep up with the gloATL piggy-backers making their way though the crowd.

The company arrived.


I'm at a loss: It was a mystery. It was mesmerizing, unpredictable.

Not everybody enjoyed that sort of thing.

I was happy to lose myself for a little while.


The crowd was part of the performance. For most gloATL performances, there isn't a specific place for the audience.




There were several pas-de-deux's.


There was some fun. I called this the turtle-back.


gloAtl leader and "dancemaker"Lauri Stallings looked on.


It wasn't all smooth ballet moves.

The troop climbed out though the balcony...


...leaving a pair alone in the fog.

It was magic for a while, disorienting, mesmerizing, memorable. There will only be 2 performance of Livers. This was the first. The 2nd began an hour later.

They needed a rest but the rest was part of the performance too.

And it didn't break the spell.


Now do you understand the title? I don't think I've explained a thing.