Dinning under Athos Menaboni's Eggshell Mural

When you visit Decatur's Brick Store Pub, look up.

It's one of my favorite pieces of public art.

One of the daughters enjoys the Brick Store, particularly the chicken salad sandwich. So Mom and I ate there for our Friday dinner date. We had arugula salad and fish 'n' chips if you are wondering.

P1130304-2012-10-26- 27-foot-Athos-Menaboni-Mural-1958-at-Brick-Store-pub-Decatur
We ate smack dab under the center panel of  "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" a 27 foot mural by Athos Menaboni.

The DeKalb History Center moved it here in June but I'd forgotten.

P1130302-2012-10-26- 27-foot-Athos-Menaboni-Mural-1958-at-Brick-Store-pub-Decatur
It looks great up there, though my pictures don't show it well.

"This large piece includes 15 mosaic panels created from about 3,000 eggshells! Mills B. Lane, Jr., then president of The Citizens and Southern Bank, commissioned Athos Menaboni to create this piece for the lobby of the C&S Emory branch (1237 Clairmont Road) in 1958. The mosaic is divided into three pictorial panels with two title panels of Japanese Nakora wood creating a triptych. The title panels read, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”" - Dekalb History Center.

P1130305-2012-10-26- 27-foot-Athos-Menaboni-Mural-1958-at-Brick-Store-pub-Decatur
For the longest time it was behind the tellers at Decatur First Bank where I went once a week on business. How many times? 200? 300? I don't remember.

P1130309-2012-10-26- 27-foot-Athos-Menaboni-Mural-1958-at-Brick-Store-pub-Decatur
Have you noticed? These days bank interiors are maimed by banal corporate marketing. Sun Trust is the worst. Every bank has the same pictures that tie in with the TV ads. The effect is that you don't look at anything.

(It's a shame. Wouldn't it be great if our local banks has something, you know, local?)

P1130308-2012-10-26- 27-foot-Athos-Menaboni-Mural-1958-at-Brick-Store-pub-Decatur-tree-birds
At first I thought it was sentimental and I guess it is. But over time I fell in love with it. I enjoyed it more each time.

Early this year Decatur First got bought out. They closed the Commerce Drive branch. I lost a good friend and didn't even say goodbye.

P1130307-2012-10-26- 27-foot-Athos-Menaboni-Mural-1958-at-Brick-Store-pub-Decatur-tree-birds
Thanks the Dekalb History Center and the Brick Store for getting us back together.

Attention Architecture Tourists. Athos Menaboni created more public art in Atlanta.

Next time you are in the Rhodes Haverty Building look up.

Look up.