Artists Jen Bradley & Doug Trump at Emily Amy Gallery

(I'm piddling with my banner which I really shouldn't do but...)

Emily Amy Gallery threw a reception for artists Jen Bradley at Doug Trump last Friday. Their work will be on display until December 4, 2010.

Jen sold this one, Angelical Bombs, right before my eyes. Jen, Emily, and the new owners were pretty happy about it. Me too.

It's a big work and looks great at a distance.

Capella and Nate were there. I apologize for talking their ears off. In red: Doug Trump's Slack. Slack seemed to follow me around all night.

Atlanta art mavens Marianne Lambert, Nancy Hooff, and Lucinda Bunnen were there. They were visiting at least 3 galleries that night.

Folks enjoyed Jen Bradley's The Delights of Nature.


Up close you can see silk-screened doily like things ...

... with bulls and gorillas. No surprise: Jen is Artist-in-Residence at Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo.

I think Emily Amy Gallery is one of the best in Atlanta for art and people. Cozy rooms, great circulation, zen views, mirror-like windows. Here is Doug Trump's Ins-and-Outs inviting us into the back corridor.

You wonder what's around the corner.

Zen views everywhere.

You see unexpected juxtapositions. In the foreground is Doug Trump's Hipster and Cy in the background Jen Bradley's Angelical Bombs.

The windows turn into mirrors at night, doubling the space and duplicating the art.

From outside the gallery is a movie screen.

The very best thing about Emily Amy Gallery is Emily herself (on the right). She reveals none of the stress of readying the art, artists, and gallery. She helps guests and artists feel welcome and comfortable. The painting is In the Path by Jen Bradley.

Thanks to Jen who posed with me and her Go Rimbaud. Jen and the pinks and the purples made me look good for a few minutes.

What a great evening. I was inspired to pushed the "artistic" button on my self portrait in Photoshop.