Avant-Garde? A Gordon re-do on our big room

I'm participating in Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch!

Our designer friend Gordon insists we change things up from time to time. Yesterday he came over determined to re-do our big room. We certainly didn't tell him no. His rules: nothing the same, no cost. Only 2 pieces of furniture stayed in the same place. We can live with it for a while, tweak it, or change back.

Let me just show you 2 walls. Here is the double-round-sconce wall.


Here it is now. You can make the pictures bigger if you click on them.


Gordon said, "Got anything round?" We searched and tried everything round. I remembered our broken $20 plant roller from Lowes. It used to hold a giant pot on our porch. I removed the wheels and now it's wall decor. Every piece has a back story. Everything was somewhere else: the mirror, the fish, the lizard, the ballet dancers, vases, the deco-flowers

Gordon is amazing. We don't always understand where he's going. He searches the entire house for things to use. He assimilates it in his head. We try everything out. You get to a point where you think it's done but Gordon isn't satisfied. It can get a little frustrating and testy.

Here is the fireplace wall at Christmas. Our huge $70 Van Gogh was beautiful but it was time for a change.


This is a more professional photo:


We went avant-garde and witty with two of our son's graffiti paintings, coral and fish bones. Both hung vertically elsewhere in the house. I'm not objective about my own children. But these paintings are 60" wide. When you are in the room with them, they are stunning.


We'll fiddle with the bookshelves later. I'm sure there are some tweaks ahead.

If there is anything we've learned about ourselves, it's that we are not "searching for our style" at least in the sense you'd expect. We don't seem to have a style. We certainly don't have much cash.

Every time I've thought, "I don't like this style," I find something in that style that I love. And I get tired of the same stuff, even great stuff if I see it every day.

So changing, if we can, pumps us up. It's great having Gordon: watching a pro work, his delight in doing it, his delight is pushing us, his delight in spending nothing.

More money would help though.
Thanks to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.