Atlanta's Breuer Library displays photographs of itself and I have a BFO

I had an epiphany today, a B.F.O, a Blinding Flash of the Obvious.
Opening tomorrow, October 14: The Young Architects Forum (YAF) presents their 1st Annual Photography Competition titled, YAF10 - Envisioning Breuer. There will be quite a todo starting at 5. An opening ceremony, cash awards, and speech by Phillip Spears. Find out more. For you design mavens, Room and Board is one of the sponsors.
I've never found the Breuer Library to be lovable and I've been working on it since 1977 when I was working downtown. These days I visit the downstairs gallery when my errands take me downtown. Today folks were setting up the new exhibit on the main floor.

I made a little video of the folks setting up. Afraid I might have recorded an unladylike pose, I showed the video to my hosts.

Looking at the video on the tiny screen one said, "Look at the lights." Here is the little 41 second video.

My BFO? It's not just the lights. It's that the Breuer is imminently photogenic. Just "look at the lights."

Iit's perfect subject for it's own show.

I'm pretty sure my unconscious brain has known this a while. Now it's front on center. I may yet fall in love with the Breuer.

I'm always stunned as I ascend the stairway from the basement gallery to the main floor.

If you visit, make sure to see "He Said, She Said: An Atlanta Celebrates Photography Exhibition" in the downstairs gallery.


You'll a catch the Zen View through that crazy window on the stairs.

I need to study: Maybe Breuer knew all about Vermeer and the camera obscura.