Winter Light on Kirkwood Centenarians

Kirkwood has a fine collection of 100 year old houses. Atlanta's crisp, low winter light is doing it's magic on them.

Kirkwood cruising is a great way for architecture tourists to enjoy winter.

There are a few clusters of beauties but they are scattered around. Any street may have one.

Kirkwood's  housing mix isn't exactly unplanned but it's marvelously mixed relative to today.

All of these are on one street.

Somebody loves this one, records say 1900.

I'd call this the a Queen Anne cottage, modest with proud gables and porch. Records say 1900.

It's in fine condition for being 112.

Can yellow ever be wrong?

This is 1910, a wraparound porch on a bungalow, how approachable, how elegant.

Tax records say 1890. It's getting fix-up.

You can still build them like this.

Merry Christmas.