What is that double-pen saddlebag building in Decatur?

In 2001 the Decatur (Georgia) Preservation Alliance moved this "two-room circa 1870s servant's quarters tenement structure." I think this means two mirror image rooms / apartments on either side of a central chimney.

It's at the corner of Church and Bell, at the entrance to Decatur Cemetery.

It's a bit out of place a few blocks north the the Dekalb County Courthouse.

This particular shape is irresistible to me: gable end front and center, narrow and deep with a modest side porch. It risked wasting away a few blocks from the present site. I can't figure out exactly where it was.

It's a familiar sight all over the south. It looks as if it's companion buildings have wasted away. We've mostly moved on from places like this.

I enjoy more new constriction in this style. Georgia architects Historical Concepts does vernacular very well as seen here.
It was time to stop and look.

These are fine paneled doors with nice trim, original?

The windows are trimmed out the same way. I doubt the sashes are 100 years old.

Eave, soffit, return, and facia are pretty fancy.

Contrasting frieze boards and coner-boards with a tiny cornice are a good look. It looks fine with dark trim but I'd prefer all white or less contrast.

The detailing and dark paint make it quite a bit fancier and heavier looking that the Browning Courthouse, in Tucker above.

When you get close it looks massive.

What's inside a double-pen saddlebag?

Looks like they took the chimney down before they moved the house.

...in 1893, the old church was donated to(sic) house the Donald Fraser School for Boys."


If you've got a few minutes, why not stop and have a look for yourself.

Leslie at the Dekalb History Center thinks they will move it a to nearby community garden. I hope they'll put it back in service. Thanks to Leslie for helping out on this post.

It nice when you can save one.

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