We partied at Sterling Hall, a new mansion on Paces Ferry

My mouth got repetitive stress injury from saying "Wow." It was the kick-off party. The World of Rugs launched of their new brand, The Foundry Home Furnishings. The party was at Sterling Hall, a tear-down show-house across the street from Pace Academy. The Foundry has posted some pictures.


It's not quite the place for our empty nest dotage but we want to party with those guys.

If an ad says, "multi-part crown moldings dialed to 11," you'll know.

If you are doing a tear-down on Paces Ferry, your foyer will need hammer beams, a curvy indoor balcony, and a righteous chandelier just for starters, right?

You'll want lot's of fireplaces with as many caryatids as you can get.

I can't imagine a better party house. There were at least 50 people in just this one room. And there are bigger rooms.

It's all just too much and we loved it, we loved being there. I'm impressed with Shane Meder of Black Sheep Interiors who did the interiors. Understated, un-precious, and unintimidating, I felt welcome to go anywhere and sit in any chair.

This was a comfortable bedroom. Assistant Architecture Tourist photographer KK took a picture of Nathan Williams from The Foundry.

The master is bigger than a gymnasium but we chatted happily in comfy twin couches in front a a fireplace, looking at the mirror wall. What a wall.

Here it is before the tear-down.

A 10 second drive-by.