Panorama from the roof with Ralph and Ruth

Don't say I didn't tell you. There is more next week. Mark you calendars for next year.

We did the The Stacks Lofts + Artists Tour at the Fulton Bag Mill; we did the Ponce Crush Gallery Art Stroll; we did the Telephone Factory Art Show & Sale. We had time for some football too.

Check my Flickr page for the pictures. I only have have time to show you my first panorama.

One of the delights of the Bag Mill was meeting and touring with Ruth and Ralph. They live in a loft in Decatur and therefore, are cooler than you or me. Here they are on the rooftop deck of Building H looking towards Stone Mountain.

But I want to show you the panorama from building E. It starts looking west towards the Georgia State Capital. There is a bit of glare from the late afternoon sun.

Here you go. It' more fun if you watch it full screen.

Here are a few teasers:

From The Stacks.

From the Ponce Crush.

From the Telephone Factory.

The big cats were deco/industrial friendly at the factory.

More later.