Faux Chateau is No Mo and I'm sad.

It was a big 1952 brick rancher on a half acre. I don't exactly when, before 1990 for sure. I don't know by whom, but they turned it into a lovable modern - a POMO - and gave it a nickname: "The Faux Chateau" during construction.

Inside it was breathtaking, spacious, and fun. It was a gallery; the owners were collectors.

It wasn't a 1952 rancher anymore.

Now it's an $800K tear-down.

I saw it for the first time on a Morningside - Lenox Park Tour of Homes in the late 80's I think, soon after the conversion.

They haven't yet leveled the garage, but they will.

I saw it again last year when it was for sale. It was perfect both times.

But at 2,719 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths, it was no longer "in" in this neighborhood.

Here is was with it's rancher neighbors.

The rancher next door is now a mansion.

That's what you do these days.

John Willis Custom Homes' sign is in the yard and and they do fine work.

But I'm feeling sad.