Atlanta's best drive-through view?

This is the view from the Bank of America drive-window at the Emory University.

It's Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church. To me it's the most pleasing Philip Shutze public building. It also serves as Emory's largest auditorium and it contains Shutze's "Little Chapel" (more in post script).

I don't mind the teller line when I can peruse the proportions and details.

When the leaves fall I get a better view.


It's been home to many graduations, church services, concerts, weddings, and funerals. I think it's the centerpiece of Druid Hills and the standout building at Emory.

What a pleasure to see this uplifting and humane building while waiting for the teller or for the light to change, or eating pizza at Everybody's.


P.S. Folks just don't know about the little chapel. From the Glenn website:
"The chapel is almost an exact replica, on a smaller scale, of the interior of St. Stephen Walbrook, an Anglican church in London that is considered to be one of Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpieces."