Zen View from the Healy Building rotunda

The Healy Building is the most interesting building in downtown Atlanta. It covers an entire block and anchors the Broad and Walton intersection. It's Gothic; it's skyscraper; it's human scaled retail; it's a little spooky inside and out.

Next time you are downtown visit the rotunda and look up and out the rotunda's windows. Here are the cornices of the Nations Bank and Muses buildings in a fleeting zen view.


The cornice of the Grant Building. Sorry for the focus. It's great in person.

There are shopfronts on the west side of the Healy Building. J&G Fish and Grits has THE sign:

The Federal Courthouse is across Forsyth Street. It's Washington DC in downtown Atlanta. Beaux Arts, imposing, cold, not very welcoming. The image that stays with me is from an overcast, foggy day: