They tore it down yesterday, a "1930" on Amsterdam - Video.

This is how far they got in half a day, yesterday, Monday. The demo guy said they'd be done by Tuesday evening.

I got a few "before" pictures. I spotted it just in time as they were removing the asbestos and other hazardous materials last week.

P1020445-2011-12-14-916 Amsterdam-teardown-or-poptop-before
The demo guy said it was well built and they could tell. The back part was added later and not so well built.


P1020446-2011-12-14-916 Amsterdam-teardown-or-poptop-south-facade-before
It was quite appealing but the neighborhood demographics have left it in the dust.

I'll bet the aluminum siding on the gables isn't original.

P1020446-2011-12-14-916 Amsterdam-teardown-or-poptop-south-facade-Chimney-Detail-before
The prominent chimney needed no apology. See Kyle's post on chimneys; we are all chimney lovers.


If you aren't familiar with in-town Atlanta, Amsterdam divides Morningside to the north from Virginia-Highlands to the south. Both are as desirable as it gets within the city limits. This house in in Morningside side of the street.

Lots (teardowns) start about about $300K for 1/5 acre or so. In fact there is another teardown two houses from this one.

Here are a few crunches and a look west and east. As said, if you aren't from around here, you wouldn't guess the desirability.

A little more crunch.

I'll watch and report back to you.