Red Patti - the very thing?

A young, dear to our heart career girl's apartment: Just to the left of the mirror is the front door. To the left of that is the corner "front-door-junk-drop." Right now, it's junky. We've been looking.


So on Friday night JoAnn and I went to Jalisco* for dinner (without our children, please don't tell them). We strolled Peachtree Battle Shopping Center before eating so we could browse Nadeau before it closed. Well, they had just received a shipment of their funky stuff, including "red Patti."


It has the curvy shape of scroll buttresses and 3 shelves. We measured and it fits. It's about 39"-24"-14" perfect for keeping front-door-junk-drop stuff handy but out of sight.


Gotta' make sure she likes it. It's not an antique, not an heirloom, not very expensive either. But it's intersting, practical and red. Nadeau has them in other colors too.

*Jalisco is a Mexican restaurant at Peachtree Battle. If you live nearby and have a family, you know.

P.S. For folks who saw "TK's Jackson Pollock Pickets," it's nearly dry so I stood it up today. This isn't is final location. But it looks pretty darn good.