‘ONS İNCEK’ is a luxury residential project consisting 3 colorful towers containing 992 residences to Incek in Turkey.


Artfully placed in 15,000m2 of manicured landscape, throughout the overall design, centrality is used as a major design principle at varying scales.


The towers encircle the central 5,500m2 amenities complex that sits at the heart of the design. Containing over 45 different social and commercial amenities, this hub gives emphasis to the self-sufficiency of the residential complex.


While the amenities complex is open to public use along with residential use, the towers, that are attached to the center, have separate secure entrances which allows for the autonomy of the towers.


The theme of centrality is repeated within the floor plan design of the three towers. Each with its own unique central circulation core, the 41, 43, and 45 floor towers consists of 3, 4, and 5 winged floor plans.


These differentiating floor plans contain 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 residential plan options. Color is also of great importance to the design intent. The facade consists of numerous colored glass panels that wrap the towers.


Each tower facade is made up of 6 different tones of orange, green, or blue. This use of color not only differentiates the towers from each other, but also through the gradation from dark to light, gives emphasize to the heights of the towers.


The heights of the towers allows for spectacular lake, forest, and city views. Signaling the entrance of the residential complex, the showroom displaying the mock-up apartments, is designed with its contours sitting parallel to the inclined topography.


With its multi-leveled, exposed concrete structure, the free space interior of the showroom is enveloped with a repetitive vertical glass panel facade. The colors of the glass panels are the same colors used in the towers, visually connecting the showroom to the residential complex.


The landscape is designed as layered ripples that descend while following the natural topography, as if originating from the central amenities complex. The design creates a large number of individual gardens containing a wide variety of plants indigenous to Ankara, Turkey.

Location: Incek, Ankara, Turkey

Structural Project: Aydin Pelin- Can Binzet Engineering
Mechanical Project: SF Engineering
Electrical Project: Yurdakul Engineering
Fire Project: Karina
3D renderings:Red-Vertex

Area: 162.000 m2

Project Year: 2013

Client: ONS Inc.