Jewel Box Lobby #2 the W.W. Orr Doctors Building

Hospital offices have replaced doctors' offices in the W.W. Orr Doctors Building (1930, Pringle and Smith). But you can still walk right in.


If you are at the hospital anyway, you might as well do some architecture touring, right?

"At the Orr Building the architects...recognizing that the building would be frequently visited by patients, (Francis Palmer) Smith paid particular attention to the ornamental richness of the entry and lobby..." -Robert M. Craig, The Architecture of Francis Palmer Smith, Atlanta's Scholar Architect

It's a standalone building with one corner on Peachtree and a corner in a park.

I think the lobby it's more elegant than showy but it's certainly showy.

It's cozy.

And wow.

The plaque incorporates the art deco motifs used inside and outside.

It's at Peachtree and Pine, looking east from the parking deck.

The Orr is the centerpiece that makes Emory Midtown the prettiest hospital in Atlanta. This is from the auditorium hall. The Orr is in the upper left corner of this picture.

It frames the garden/couryard and entrance to the hospital. It's pedestrian friendly. So just walk over there.

From the elevator lobby of the Parking Deck you can also see the Peachtree-Pine Building by A. Ten Eyck Brown c. 1921, "an engaged colonnade framed by a terra cotta frieze." - Mary Ann Sullivan.

I blogged the Rhodes-Haverty Building's jewel box lobby here. Now I must find my way into Frances Palmer Smith's William Oliver Building which is not open to the public.