Road Trip 2: Pink House Between Newborn and Shady Dale

I think this was the only pink house between Newborn and Shady Dale, Georgia.

We don't know how old or new it is but it's an eye-catching Queen Anne. We turned around so we could take a couple of pictures.

IMG_20140927_132409 2014-10-27 Pink House Between Newborn and Shady Dale Georgia driving to Hilton Head
Looks like it was painted yesterday. Where did the wide stair go exactly?
"Free Classic: Hipped Roof with Lower Cross Gables" - A Field Guide to American Houses by Virginia Savage McAlester, Lee McAlester

20140927_115018 2014-09-27 TK drives to Hilton Head
Avoiding the Interstates as best we could on the way to the beach.