Garage to die for at the Pink Castle

I've fallen for the Pink Castle - Tryggversson (1919-23), built for Andrew Calhoun - and I can't get up. There is so much "there" there I'm taking little bites. Yesterday it was a bit about urns and angles. Today the garage.

Listen: I'm a guy; I like garages. Let me show you the best I've ever seen. This is the house.P1040505-2010-10-10-Pink-Castle-Folk-Painting
In the top picture the garage is on the right; in the bottom the garage is to the left connected to the main house by a gallery with 3 big arches. The arches form a breezeway on the north, kitchen and service entrance on the south.

From Pine Stream you can barely see the mansion edge on, just the driveway and the garage. And it's looking good for an 88 year-old.
Blind arches, columns (or pilasters), shutters, crooked lantern, herringbone doors, tile roof, patina galore, greens with pinks - a theme throughout house. I'm starting to get emotional.

I think somebody lives upstairs, lucky them. See how tall the garage doors are, how much taller than the min-van? Yeah baby. See the double shutters in the middle window, the half open door? These aren't automatic doors, fake decorative carriage doors.

The space inside is worthy of a small wedding or wedding reception. I didn't take a picture - too personal.

Here is the breezeway looking from the garage toward the little pink dining room, looking west back towards the main house. The 3 big arches from the painting are on the right.

Here is the breezeway looking from the pink dining room east towards the garage. You can just see the arches on the left. You'll also notice the stairs. The garage is on higher ground than the main floor of the house, making it look very grand as you can see from the painting.


The other side of the breezeway wing houses the kitchen, the service entrance, and service courtyard. In the top painting you can see a great gateway between the main house and the garage. This is where you bring in the groceries. Not bad, huh?

I'm looking out of the kitchen door towards the garage into the service courtyard. The steps lead to the garage. What mansion doesn't have a greenhouse and storage for cut flowers?

Here is my 38 second HD video. The last scene is from the Pink Dining room into the breezeway towards the garage.

I'm in love.