The Eight BIG Lions of the Ponce de Leon Apartments

Folks always ask: "Where is that?" Maybe lion spotting will help.

Though it's kitty-cornered from the Fox Theater, has a unique curvy front, and is 100 years old nobody knows where "The Ponce" is. There's a map at the bottom if you are skimming.

It's The Ponce Condominium now and you can live there. It was designed by William Lee Stoddart (1868–1940) who also designed the lion infested (60 lion heads) Ellis / Winecoff Hotel.

Thanks to the Atlanta Preservation Center's Phoenix Flies and the fine Ponce residents I've had a close encounter. This one face east watching Ponce City Market, The Briarcliff Hotel, Decatur, and Stone Mountain.

Let's start the safari.

The Ponce is the one with belvederes, curvy front, and lions at the corner of Peachtree and Ponce de Leon.

Can't see the lions?

They are way up there holding shields guarding the belvederes. From down here, they don't look so big.

Now that I've got you looking, check out all the detailing up there.

Up close they are totally lion sized.

The Candler Building's 31 Lions are huge and they hold up the cornice. The Ponce lions need only step off their plinth.

When you visit the Fox they are totally watching you.

Let's do the count.

The northwest tower: Lions 1 and 2 face east. Lions 3 and 4 face north.

Lions 3 and 4 face north. Lions 5 and 6 face west.

Lions 5 and 6 face west. Lions 7 and 8 face south.

So now you know.

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