The architects Pedro Bustamente and Javier Camacho have submitted their project for the future Centre for the Creation of the Arts in Alcorcón (CREAA) that had won first prize in the National Ideas Competition organised by the council of this town.


The CREAA project is launched with an international scope as a unique centre devoted to emerging art, a leading cultural space for the creation, production and promotion of the most cutting-edge art.


CREAA is a complete and modern cultural facility designed for the stage arts and music, and also open to other artistic disciplines and tendencies. The project was born of an architectural proposal of high sensitivity with the broader sustainability criteria in force. 


The 66,000 m2 building includes 9 buildings: three Theatre spaces (Auditorium, circus and configurable room) and 4 professional technical schools (Conservatory of music and dance, school of circus and theatre technicians professional school), that can operate in joint or independent way according to needs, as well as a conference space, a restaurant.


The Park of the castles is in their residential environment a large green open space for public use with a scale disproportionate to the four isolated buildings containing. In this context is proposed to modify the existing ground level, intensifying their character of public green space and occupy the space that too under the same, revaluing the castles and their urban framework, encompassing the complex cultural Endowment demanded.


Intervention consists of modifying the existing ground level and won under the same space. From the Esplanade surrounding castles, start a walkable roof garden, which hides the parking and a spine of common services at three levels below ground and detaches from this line, in different volumes and earrings that respond to the needs of each application, ending as an elevation of small-scale constructed parts in front of the main street.


A new Park since its initial conception of project, in addition to resolving the complex and extensive programmatic needs, seeks the final formalization of a large urban park that is attached to the existing Park of castles architecture semi-buried.


The adopted solution of burial of the greater part of the building and covered in green spaces and passable formalization generates important benefits in passive sustainability, which means significant energy savings without cost, together with the additional implementation of numerous active sustainability technology solutions, provide an excellent environmental vocation CREAA.


Passable covers and landscaped the important thicknesses of deck slabs more contributions of land for planting, they generate elements of thermal inertia, that protect natural living spaces, and minimize energy requirements for air conditioning.


Also there is an interesting effect of evaporative cooling, thanks to irrigation of the vegetation cover, which joined the autoarrojada shadow of plant species, they drastically reduce exposure to the important summer sunlight, again reducing global energy requirements for air conditioning.





Location: Alcorcón, Madrid, Spain

Architects: cmA Arquitectos

Architect In Charge: Javier Camacho, P. Bustamante

Collaborators: Juan Santana, Beatriz Noves, Cristina Müller-Hillebrand, María Navascués, Andrea Hess, Antje Stuchlik, Carlos Piantino;Gonzalo,  Martínez Del Olmo, Gustavo Pernía. Irene Chorro, Javier Perdiguero, Lilia Himeur, Nuno Raimundo, Pablo González, Pedro Rebelo, Silvia Sordi, Virginia Sambade

Engineering Structures: NB35, SL

Facilities Engineering: JG Group, SL

Acoustics: Higini Arau

Lighting: Miguel Diaz, BM Lighting Design, Birgit Walter

Special Facilities: Miguel Angel Cowboy

Gardening and Landscape: Teresa Gali Izard

Safety & Health: Pedro-Antonio Beguería Latorre

Budget: Alvaro Rivera AndCalixto Moralejo

Images: Art-Factory

Models: Juan De Dios Hernández and Jesús Rey

Area: 59500.0 sqm

Year: 2013
Photographs: Camacho-Macia